I am passionate about gastronomic dinner parties, this is where I come and create an extravaganza  in your home, you can have as many courses as you can handle, the most I have created is 26. They had a lay down half way through but said it was the best meal they have ever had.

I have created so many dinner parties where the client or a guest says "it was the best meal I have ever had" - thats what makes me buzz, thats what I cook for!

I also love cooking for silence…. nothing satisfies me more than hearing silence after I serve a course as guests are totally in the moment feasting with their senses.

This happened with the first meal I ever cooked around a camp fire when I was a sea scout, I served the dinner,and there was silence, I really thought I had done something wrong, I had never experienced silence like that when people were eating. Then one of the scouts said, “this is better than my mums food” another said “I was just thinking that” I realise now that was the beginning of my journey to here.

Here are a selection of menus for you to choose from or I can design one just for you. I will tailor make a menu for you, with suggestions that will work with your kitchen, the number of guests and ingredients that you love.

I will then come to your home, cook and serve dinner always clearing up, so you never knew I was there.


I feel with my experience I can judge the clientele  and deliver a truly memorable experience. That's the key, making the evening an unforgettable experience. I am totally discreet and professional like some of my high profile clients wish for, or if you wish, as the evening progresses I can demonstrate come cooking techniques.  My favourite being making ice cream in front of your guests with flavours from bacon to boysenberry, you decide!