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I’ve received a lot of requests for a service like the dinner party extravaganza but stripped back and served in the comfort of home. This is why I’m introducing the Dinner at Home experience. Choose from two new set menus that have been especially created for this service and I’ll take care of the rest, from purchasing fresh ingredients to prepping, cooking, serving and cleaning. All at an affordable price! The set menus have been designed to be prepared in any kitchen, so don’t worry if you don’t have any hi-grade chef equipment. Read on to find out what’s included in this service and how much it costs.



$149 per head for a limited time

The price for the Dinner at Home experience covers the personal chef fee, which includes prepping, cooking and cleaning, as well as the purchase of fresh, high quality ingredients.

It also covers the cost of travel to and from your location. However, please bear in mind that harder-to-reach areas that require travel of more than 10km will incur a per km charge.

Large groups that may require waiting staff, and the procurement of special or alternative ingredients in the case of allergens and intolerances may also affect the price of the service.

There’s corkage charge whatsoever!


Choose a set menu and get in touch!

Two new menus have been especially designed for the Dinner at Home experience. Click on the menu links below to see what’s included.

Both menus can be customised to accommodate dietary requirements and special requests. Dinner will be served at an agreed upon sit-down time. Please note that tables will have to be laid by clients beforehand.

Get in touch by clicking the contact button below! We’ll discuss location, time and price in more detail.

The care to source quality produce and the high level of skill in the preparation, means my saturday night dinner guests have got happy taste buds without the wash hands. Great range.
— Lenell Armstrong