Peter Ansell - Personal Chef


Life is simply too short to eat bad food. I'm sure you work long enough and hard enough to have earned the pleasure of having delicious, nutritious food served to you and your family, everyday.

I'm a professional chef with over 10 years experience in international restaurants, like The Fat Duck, and as a personal chef in the U.S and Europe. Clients have flown me around the world to cook for them.

Now you can have me cook for you as well.

I have developed my own range of delicious meals that can easily reheated at home. 60@60 is a delicious range of foods cooked at 60 degrees for 60 hours. Lamb, duck, pork, beef rib and even lentils.

Or if you'd prefer a more personal touch I can come to your home from once a week, as your own personal chef, to prepare delicious meals for you and your family. All the shopping, cooking and cleaning up is done for you.

To get your tastebuds jumping please enjoy this clip from the show we made called The Warehouse Kitchen.

Warehouse Kitchen Trailer

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