Peter Ansell - Personal Chef


So I marinate the lamb shoulder portion, then seal it, creating the mallard effect, and then make a cheeky little tomato sauce, reducing that for 4-5 hours, then vacuum seal the lamb portion into a sous vide bag and poach the lamb for 60 hours @ 60 degrees. The result is incredible, you have a piece of lamb that is still pink in the middle , yet so tender 'you can cut it with a plastic spoon'! 

The following video shows you how to cook your lamb. 


Lamb instructions

Reheat lamb in bag

Bring a large pan of water to the boil and drop the lamb in the bag into the water, keep the heat below boil and gently heat the lamb for about 15-20 minutes, cut the bag and serve with your favourite sides.

Heat on BBQ

Open lamb sous vide bag and put the sauce into a pan, remove as much sauce from the lamb as you can, pat on some kitchen paper if needed. Then reheat on the bbq on a low to medium heat until warm. Ideally to 63 degrees, you're only reheating and not cooking.


 If you over heat the lamb, you will over cook it and loose the pink and also some of the tenderness. However, it's your food now and you can eat it how you want, if you want it charred and black feel free. I spent 60 hours controlling the temp so it did not go over 60 degrees, so as soon as it starts getting really hot you are loosing the incredible characteristic of cooking the lamb slowly and you're over cooking it!


Lamb shoulder




Red wine

Chicken stock



Sherry vinegar

Pinch of Sugar