Peter Ansell - Personal Chef

About Peter

I am a personal chef at the top of his game who has now made his home on the Sunshine Coast.  I have been flown all over the world to cook for various clients including royalty, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford and several very high net-worth families and individuals. I have created my own 10 episode TV show which is currently being commissioned for release. 

For four years I was flown to LA to create and prepare 1 meal on NYE for a wealthy client and his friends. I lived in London working for various high profile couples and families as their daily chef and travelled with them around the world. And here on the Coast, where I have lived for the past 5 years I have been a personal chef to a family who ran a successful local business and were lacking in the time to feed their family a healthy and interesting diet, and also needed dinner parties for their international clients. They valued their private life so I would do all their shopping and for the most part leave their meals ready for them with the exception of dinner parties or bbq’s where I would stay and serve. I was a bit more than a chef to them, often taking on the role of House Manager where required and sorting out many other things for them.


The bottom line is that I am an outstanding chef who can prepare all kinds of food from light and healthy, to just plain epic.  

I spent the rest of my time out of the kitchen, trimming my bonsai collection, flying remote control aerobatic planes, taking pictures, fixing bikes, Kick boxing, yoga, meditation and also a little bit of surfing, As well as hobbies I am committed to the spiritual journey of being the best father I can be.